Goulds 3420 Multistage/Double Suction

Goulds 3420   Multistage/Double Suction Image

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Large Capacity •  Capacities to 14,762 m3/h | 65,000 GPM •  Heads to 122 m | 400 ft •  Temperatures to 135°C | 275°F •  Working Pressures to 1379 kPa | 200 PSIG   Applications: •  Process – Quench water, Stripper bottoms, Reboiler circulation, Cooling tower •  Pulp & Paper – Primary and secondary cleaner, filtrate, mill water supply Fan pump, Headbox supply, Shower •  Primary Metals – Cooling water, quench and leaching •  Municipal – High lift, low lift, wash water, waste water, raw water •  Power Generation – Cooling tower, Component cooling, Service water, Ash Sluicing, Heater drain •  Marine – Bilge and ballast, cargo, cooling water, fire pump •  General – River water, Brine, Sea water Materials: Cast Iron / Bronze, All Iron, Cast Iron / Stainless Steel, Cast Iron / Ni-Al-Br, All Stainless Steel. Other materials available upon request. (1724 kPa)