Hirschmann MAR1040 Switch Image

Hirschmann MAR1040 Switch

Product Name: Hirschmann MAR1040 Switch
Brand: Hirschmann
Product Code: MAR1040 Switch
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Manufacturers Part No.: MAR1040Manufacturer: HirschmannEthernet Product Type: Configurable SwitchMounting : 19" Rack MountDESCRIPTIONMAR1040Fast/Gigabit Ethernet switchesUp to 28 configurable portsLayer 2 software.The full Gigabit version with non-blocking architecture features 16 Gigabit Combo ports and in addition a layer 3 software with static and dynamic routing.Fully configurable 19" rugged Rack mount Switch allowing you full data control.Full Gigabit Ethernet SwitchClick on the datasheet to configure your switchMach 1000