Hydropa DS-104/EX Pressure Switch

Hydropa DS-104/EX Pressure Switch Image

Hydropa DS-104/EX Pressure Switch

Product Name: Hydropa DS-104/EX Pressure Switch
Brand: Hydropa
Product Code: Hydropa DS-104/EX
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Artikel: DS-104/EX
Hydropa DS-104/EX

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSø 4 mm ø 5 mmSwitching pressure ranges 20-350 bar 20-240 bar 10-150 bar 5-70 barRepeatability deviation less than 1% (depending on the area of ??application)Ambient temperature Ta allowed - 20 ° C to + 70 ° CHydraulic fluid mineral oilSwitching element miniature limit switch type 07-2501 (BARTEC)Type of voltage AC voltage / DC voltageDegree of protection DIN 60529 IP 65Power connection cable, 4 m longHousing painted aluminumPressure connectionSwitching path approx. 0.5 mm - therefore very little wear on the seal and tappet guidePiston diameterProfile contact made of pure silver, on request profile contact gold coated on silver palladiumType piston spring-loaded, a mechanical stop prevents the spring from turning on-blockConnection thread G ¼ insideAdjustment screw cap settingAdjustment lock fixing coverAny installation positionGeneralHydraulicElectricalOther InformationWeight basic type 0.8 kgP max. (Standard seal) 500 bar 500 bar 400 bar 200 barP max. (SS seal) 400 bar 400 bar - - 1)Viscosity range 10 to 800 mm² / sLoad changes> 2x106low-friction special seal 1)Conductor cross section 0.75 mm²Sealing outer jacket sealingtensionMax. Omsche loadSwitching capacity