Hydropa DS-507/F/SS-240 Pressure Switch

Hydropa DS-507/F/SS-240 Pressure Switch Image

Hydropa DS-507/F/SS-240 Pressure Switch

Product Name: Hydropa DS-507/F/SS-240 Pressure Switch
Brand: Hydropa
Product Code: Hydropa DS-507/F/SS-240 Switch
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Artikel: DS-507/F/SS-240
Hydropa DS-507/F/SS-240 Switch

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSø 4 mm ø 5 mm ø 6 mmSwitching pressure ranges 20-350 bar 40-240 bar 20-150 bar 10-100 bar 5-55 barRepeatability deviation less than 1% (depending on the area of ??application)Ambient temperature - 40 ° C to + 90 ° CHydraulic fluid oil, oil-water emulsionSwitching elementType of voltage AC voltage / DC voltageDegree of protection DIN 60529 IP 65Power connection cable socket according to EN 175301-803, type A, Pg9 (Pg11 on request)Housing painted black aluminumPressure connection aluminumSwitching path approx. 0.5 mm - therefore very little wear on the seal and tappet guideConnection plates for valve manifold NG 6 and NG 10 (only for flangeable pressure switches)Piston diameterProfile contact made of pure silver, on request profile contact gold coated on silver palladiumType piston spring-loaded, a mechanical stop prevents the spring from turning on-blockConnection thread G ¼ inside or flange surfaceAdjustment screw cap or knurl adjustmentLocking device locking screw or lock (lock E 10 H2 version)Any installation positionGeneralHydraulicElectricalOther InformationWeight basic type 0.5 kgP max. (Standard seal) 500 bar 500 bar 500 bar 400 bar 300 barP max. (SS seal1)) 400 bar 400 bar - 200 bar 200 barViscosity range 10 to 800 mm² / sLoad changes ?5x1061) Low-friction special sealConductor cross section 0.5 mm² to 1.5 mm²Cable diameter 6 mm to 8 mm for Pg9 / 8 mm to 10 mm for Pg11Sealing outer jacket sealingVoltage 250 V / ACMax. 5 A loadSwitching capacityMax. Inductive load 1 A24 V / DC5 A4 A