KSR Kuebler FLM-H Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter

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Applications Food and beverage industry Pharmaceutical industry Biotechnology Level measurement in fermenters Special features Fully welded and dead space free Operating limits: - Operating temperature: T = -40 ... +250 °C- Operating pressure: P = Vacuum to 10 bar Insensitive to foaming, ideal for interface measurement High-precision level measurement: Accuracy < 0.5 mm Wide variety of hygienic process connections Description The model FLM-H magnetostrictive level transmitter has been specifically designed for the requirements of the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The level transmitter is particularly suitable for the special conditions of CIP/SIP cleaning processes, such as chemical stability towards cleaning liquids and high temperatures.The guide tube is directly welded to the process connection. This guarantees a crevice-free joint, additional sealings are not required. The level transmitter is supplied with a DC voltage of 10 ... 30 V. Available electronic output signals are 4 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA with HART® signal. The hygienically designed sensor housing, with an ingress protection of up to IP68, offers a secure protection for external cleaning with splash water and enables its use in high-humidity environments. The model FLM-H level transmitter fulfils the high demands of sanitary applications.