Lamtec 660R0030 Relay Module

Lamtec 660R0030  Relay Module Image

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Dimensions [mm] : 90 x 85 x 60  (bxdxh) Weight : 170 g Temperature : 60 °C Installation : On top hat rail TS35,  Connecting diameter max:  1,5 mm2 (potentiometer), 2,5 mm2 (motor) Degree of protection(DIN EN 60529) : IP20 Power supply : 115 V / 220 V Power consumption : 1,7 W Switchable current : 2 A Fuse : 2 AT Standards : EN12067-2 Required appliances : For use only in combination with LAMTEC controls systems ETAMATIC/ETAMATIC OEM/VMS/FMS