Lamtec 662R2123 Actuator 90 Nm

Lamtec 662R2123  Actuator 90 Nm Image

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Usage   for driving dampers and valves on combustion equipment   Power supply voltage 230 VAC/50 Hz   Form of shaft Ø12 x 30, Form C10 Running time [90°] 60 sec.   Controlling Three Point Step End switches 2   Additional switches 2   Dimensions [mm] see dimension drawing   Screwed cable glands   2x M20x1,5, cabel Ø min. 8,0 mm, max. 13,0 mm   Weigth [kg] 7   Protection class IP65   Adaption   4 x 45°, M10, screw-hole circle Ø 80 mm   Ambient temperature -10…+ 60 °C   TÜV approval when used with VMS/FMS/ ETAMATIC