Mts Sensor GB-M / GB-T SSI Linear Position Sensors

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OutputVoltage 0…10 VDC and 10…0 VDC (min. load controller: > 5 k?)Current 4(0)…20 mA or 20…4(0) mA (min. / max. load: 0 / 500 ?)Programming Programming of set points using optional accessories 1Bluetooth® version 2.1Measured value PositionMeasurement parametersResolution 16 bit (minimum 1 µm depending on stroke length)Cycle time ? 1200 mm: 0.5 ms? 2400 mm: 1.0 ms> 2400 mm: 2.0 msLinearity ? ±0.02 % F.S. (minimum ±60 µm) typicallyRepeatability ? ±0.005 % F.S. (minimum ±20 ?m) typicallyOperating conditionsOperating temperature ?40…+90 °C (?40…+194 °F), option: ?40…+100 °C (?40…+212 °F)Ingress protection IP67 with proper mating connectorIP68 for cable outletShock test 100 g (single shock) / IEC standard 60068-2-27Vibration test 15 g / 10…2000 Hz, IEC standard 60068-2-6 (resonance frequencies excluded)EMC test Electromagnetic emission according to EN 61000-6-4Electromagnetic immunity according to EN 61000-6-2The sensor meets the requirements of the EC directives and is marked with .Magnet movement velocity AnyDesign/MaterialSensor electronics housing 2 Stainless steel 1.4305 (AISI 303)Sensor rod Stainless steel 1.4306; 1.4307 (AISI 304L)Stroke length 25…3250 mm (1…128 in.)Operating pressure 350 bar (5076 psi), 700 bar (10153 psi) peak (at 10 × 1 min)Mechanical mountingMounting position AnyMounting instruction Please consult the technical drawings and the operation manual (document number: 551511)Electrical connectionConnection type M12 (5 pin) male connector A-codedM16 (6 pin) male connectorCable outletOperating voltage +24 VDC (?15 / +20 %)Ripple ? 0.28 VppCurrent consumption 100 mA typically dependent on stroke lengthDielectric strength 500 VDC (DC ground to machine ground)Polarity protection Up to ?30 VDCOvervoltage protection Up to 36 VDC