Rotork GH Large Hydraulic Actuator

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GP (pneumatic) and GH (hydraulic) range scotch yoke actuators are designed to provide a rotary, quarter-turn movement for either on/off or modulating duty. The rugged yet compact design is available with two different yoke designs. The classic symmetric yoke delivers peak torque at both ends of stroke. Alternatively, they can be supplied with canted torque arms designed to deliver peak torque at only one end of stroke. Use of canted arms can often reduce actuator size, weight and cost for valves with appropriate torque demand characteristics.Pneumatic and hydraulic actuators in double-acting and spring-return configurationsCorrosion resistant cylindersComplies with EN60529 (1991) + (A1:2000) for IP67MSuitable for use in SIL2 and SIL3 rated safety systemsCertified to IP 66M/67MCertified to ATEX 2014/34/EUCertified in accordance with PED 2014/68/EUTorque output to 600,000 Nm (5,300,000 suitable for use at SIL3 as a single device (IEC 61508)