Rotork IW Mk2 Quarter-Turn Worm Operator

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The new IW Mk2 worm gear operators have been designed to suit isolating duty motorised applications. The gearboxes include low lead angle gearing designed to be inherently self-locking, and offer an increased torque output per size compared to the previous IW rangeIW Mk2 worm gear operators are quarter-turn devices intended for the operation of ball, plug and butterfly valves.21 sizes. IW3 to 13 torque range up to 203,000 Nm (149,725 ft lbs).4 sizes. IW14 to 17 torque range from 250,000 Nm to 850,000 Nm (184,391 ft lbs to 626,927 ft lbs).Comprehensive gear ratios combined with a selection of auxiliary input spur gear reducersInherently self-locking gearingAngular contact bearings supporting worm shaftRemovable and repositionable output sleeveRepositionable baseplate facilityOptions include:High and low temperaturesAll types of environmentFlexible extensions