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IFM pumps Flow rates from 97 to 360 lt/minThe best solution for the suction and transfer of liquids, thanks to the strong self-priming ability, the possibility to work even with discontinuous presence of the liquid in suction and the reversibility of the flow. The IFM series is made of CB754S brass with a stainless steel shaft. This version with support and pulley allows easy coupling with any motor. In addition, a mechanical clutch is placed between the pulley and the shaft, which allows the pump to be connected to a running motor and to control the coupling and disengagement of the pump by means of a lever. For each application, it is necessary to check the suitability and choose appropriate gaskets.The product are particularly suitable for use:·         nautical (bilge, services, cooling, washing, sea water)·         agriculture (fungicides, liquid fertilizers, components on agricultural machinery, irrigation) ·         transports (tankers, road machines, on board water systems)