Toni Technik ToniZEM Compression Test Plant

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consisting of the followiing componentsToniTROL ,,Standard"Microprocessor controlled measuring and control system with 4 serial and one parallel interface and basic software for load controlled tests.Model 0510 ToniNORM Powerboxwith all hydraulic components, power supply unit and servo valve for bypass control (closed loop).400 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 phasesModel 2014 Load Frame for Compression Tests with max. 300 kN EN 196, lSO 679, ASTM C 109, BS 4550-3-  two-column design-  force measurement with DMS load cell-  test area protectionload measurement range           3.0 ... 300 kNpiston stroke                         30 mm pressure plate distance             60 mm distance between columns            210 mm Model 1547 Accessories:  Set of pressure plates 40 x 40 mmModel 1543.011.1Set of pressure plates 50 x 50 mmModel 1543.013Set of pressure plates 79.4 x 74 mmModel 1543.009Set of pressure plates 70.7 x 70.7 mmModel 1543.010.1Adapter Flangefor testing specimens up to 100 mm heightModel 1543.015Centering Device for Specimensto center the specimen on the lower pressure plateModel 1543.023Manually Operated Bending Deviceto break the prisms 40x40x160mm into halvesModel 1543.020  Further pressure plates and accessories are available on request.