Gestra UNA-SPEZIAL-TYP62 Image


Product Name: Gestra UNA-SPEZIAL-TYP62
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: UNA-SPEZIAL-TYP62
Float Trap UNA-SPECIAL, Type 62

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Float Trap UNA-SPECIAL, Type 62 PN 16 DN 65 – 100 mm (2½" – 4")When ordering please state: Inlet pressure, outlet pressure, quantity of condensate to be discharged, design, size (DN) and desired orifice, position of the trap and details of application. The following test certificates can be issued on request, at extra cost: In accordance with DIN 50049/2.1, -2.2 and -3.1 B. All inspection requirements have to be stated with the order. After supply of the equipment certification cannot be established. For tests and inspection charges please consult us