VISHAY BLH PS-2010T Web Tension Transmitter

VISHAY BLH PS-2010T  Web Tension Transmitter Image

VISHAY BLH PS-2010T Web Tension Transmitter

Product Name: VISHAY BLH PS-2010T Web Tension Transmitter
Product Code: PS-2010T
Web Tension Transmitter

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PS-2010T Transmitters offer precision web tension measurement for applications that require a small, full function indicator/controller. Packaged much like a mini-PLC .brick., units can be DIN rail mounted inside any existing cabinet. The standard RS-485 serial port interfaces easily with PLC/DCS systems using conventional ASCII or optional Modbus RTU protocol. A high speed, high resolution, isolated (16 bit) 4-20mA analog output provides the perfect input for a brake/clutch motor controller. Simple set-up and calibration is performed using the integral LCD display and keypad assembly. Digital calibration techniques eliminate the need for costly, cumbersome machine .strapping. in most applications and greatly simplify the calibration of systems that do require loading. Standard units also include Dynamic Digital Filtering and eight setpoints. Both the front panel display and the 16 bit analog output are updated every 8.3 milliseconds (120 updates per second). This rate provides precise control for web applications running at 2000 feet per minute and faster. Quick calibration and setup procedures save time, money, and even field service calls. On-line diagnostics continuously monitor system performance and alert service personnel to potential problems before they happen. The 2010 offers a cost effective, reliable solution for the OEM and system integrator. Applications: Paper Machines Film/foil/filament converting Textile web measurement Roofing machines