VISHAY BLH PHL Toughdeck Platforms

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PHL platform scales are available in a full range of capacities and sizes for use in many industrial weighing applications. Each platform corner contains a nickel plated, alloy steel shear beam load cell with a shock resistant, rubber and steel foot assembled in place. Individual shear beams are sized and mounted in such a way that the platform can handle the full rated load capacity at any surface point, even the edges. Oversized shear beams (each of the four beams is rated at 50% of platform capacity) prevent platform damage due to 'shock' overloads and vehicle traffic. Adjustable feet allow scale leveling to make up for minor floor/pit irregularities. For permanent installations, two of the four feet can be held in place with optional 'Anchor Plates' to guard against deck movement. Low profile construction (overall height is only 3.25 in.) simplifies installation in pits. Optional loading ramps allow easy access for any floor level PHL application. The heavy duty diamond plate loading surface takes a lot of use (and abuse) from drums, bins, pallets, etc. Optional stainless steel Toughdeck platforms perform well in harsh, wash down areas. Toughdeck platforms are FM approved for Class I and II, Div. 1 and 2 Group A-G hazardous areas.