Alwitco A38 3/8 Muffler Image

Alwitco A38 3/8 Muffler

Product Name: Alwitco A38 3/8 Muffler
Brand: Alwitco
Product Code: A38 3/8
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Design and Features:- Collimator inserts, concentrated Air Flow- Connect with ease, quickly to any compressed air source- Air stream is concentrated in a narrow beam long distance delivering maximum force to a required point.- Comes furnished, complete unit with cylindrical housing.- A directly attached cylindrical housing compresses air lines properly positioned for parts ejection, and/or packaging requirementsAvailable Options: standard plastic collimator insert, special heat resistant metal collimator inset (note: use in locations w/extreme high ambient temperatures)- Separate collimator inserts for a lower cost option where it is necessary to bore holes directly into a die and insert the collimator providing exact air thrust.PSI pressure service recommendation: up to 125 psi (8.6 Bar)