Alwitco V01  1/8 Muffler Image

Alwitco V01 1/8 Muffler

Product Name: Alwitco V01 1/8 Muffler
Brand: Alwitco
Product Code: V01 1/8
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Artikel: 0112001
Vacuum pump Exhaust Muffler

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Muffles the distracting noise of vacuum pump exhaustsNoise reduction achieved by an obstruction-free expansion chamber that reduces exhaust air velocity and softly disperses it throughout the muffler’s large disseminator surface area without impeding pump performanceRecommended for applications where quiet and efficient pump performance is critical, such as suction apparatuses, vacuum frames, checks, simulation chambers, and transfer and control devicesRecommended for pressures up to 125 psi (8.6 Bar)Single Chamber-Male1/8?- 2?Single Chamber-Female1/8?- 2?Multi-Chamber-Male3?- 6?Connection Thread TypesDimensionsConnSizeModelTypeMale NPTFemale NPSMale BSPTDiameterLengthReplacementElementItem NumberItem NumberItem NumberMaleFemaleSingle Chamber1/8V010112001021200101220011.843.122.8109110011/4V020112002021200201220021.844.374.0009110023/8V000112000021200001220002.595.124.5609110001/2V050112005021200501220053.156.005.5009110053/4V070112007021200701220073.407.186.6809110071V100112010021201001220103.908.757.9209110101-1/4V120112012021201201220123.908.758.0009110121-1/2V150112015021201501220155.2513.5612.5009110152V200112020021202001220205.2518.8717.750911020Multi Chamber3V300112030–01220307.0022.93–09110304V400112040–01220408.0023.56–09110406V600112060–012206011.0030.93–0