Alwitco B00 3/8 Muffler Image

Alwitco B00 3/8 Muffler

Product Name: Alwitco B00 3/8 Muffler
Brand: Alwitco
Product Code: B00 3/8
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Artikel: 0121000
Air Exhaust Muffler

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"The Original" air exhaust muffle- Providing a 94% flow factor- 85% perceived noise reduction- Without disrupting equipment performance the muffler reduces (EPNdB) exponentially perceived noise masterfully.- Engineered to muffle, optimize, Constant Velocity (CV) flow factor from received explosive air exhaust noise released from the valve exhaust ports.- Maintains clean, comfort and productive a work environment by gently exhausting air flows into atmospheres without noise, oil fog and contaminants.Materials and other Features:corrosion-resistant aluminum end covers, obstruction-free expansion chamber, zinc-plated steel components, cellulose fiber elementPSI pressure applications and recommendations: general purpose air exhaust, with pressures up to 125 psi (8.6 Bar)