Aoip CALYS 150 Field Instruments

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Aoip CALYS 150 Field Instruments

Product Name: Aoip CALYS 150 Field Instruments
Brand: Aoip
Product Code: CALYS 150
Field Instruments

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CALYS 150 field documenting multifunction calibrator is the top instrument of the range. It is the perfect tool for advanced process maintenance and use on test bench in all industries. Suitable for all field and lab measurements, it can simultaneously measure and generate over two isolated channels various signals of temperature, resistance, process, pressure and frequency in one single instrument. CALYS 150 does not only work as a simulator (IN / OUT) but also as a dual channel thermometer (IN / IN) to perform comparison calibration. It calibrates HART transmitters (HART communicator integrated into ACL500 modem) and thermistors. Providing extended functionalities (temperature simulation, scaling, steps, synthesizer, statistical functions…) and audit trails, CALYS 150 complies with both 21 CFR Part 11 and NADCAP Heat Treatment standards and makes advanced data exploitation and full data traceability easier. High performances for CALYS 150, for advanced use:Temperature Up to 0.005 % RDGResistance Up to 0.006 % RDG and 50 K? rangeCurrent: Up to 0.007 % RDG and 100 mA range + Loop Supply 24 VVoltage: Up to 0.005 % RDG and 50 V rangeFrequency: Up to 0.01 % RDG and 100 KHz rangePressure: With an external pressure module (comparison calibration with a pressure pump)Using this user-friendly instrument, calibration tasks can be quickly carried out over the whole process chain. Take the 900 g documenting process calibrator to the field with you during the whole week with 10 calibration procedures stored in the device. Run the procedure after connecting the probes to the instrument (Easy connect system®) and save the results for onsite easy and quick calibration. Back to the office, you can then upload the data on a computer in order to issue customized calibration certificates with dedicated calibration software DATACAL. IP 54, fully protected by an antichoc rubber holster, CALYS 150 integrates "easyconnect" terminals and a wide backlite display that makes it easy to use in any severe or dark conditions. When used with an external pressure module (ref. ACL433), CALYS 150 can measure and simulate pressure (comparison calibration with a pressure pump). CALYS 150 has also the capability to drive baths and dry-blocks when associated with the specific cable (ref. ACL600).Easy connection system Connect your probes by simply pushing on the terminal top and insert wires of up to 3 mm or 10 AWG diameter and compensated thermocouple connectors. Wires are held tight between two brass plates ensuring thermal stability and a very good cold junction compensation for thermocouples. This system also enables 4 mm banana plugs and security connectors to be connected on the terminal top. Specifications CALYS 50 CALYS 75 CALYS 100 CALYS 150 Top accuracy 200 ppm 130 ppm 50 ppm Temperature accuracy Thermocouples (14) RTDs (12) 0.013% RDG for Tc K 0.012% RDG 0.01% RDG for Tc K 0.01% RDG 0.005% RDG for Tc K 0.006% RDG DC current + Loop supply 24 V Range Accuracy 50 mA 0.0175% RDG 100 mA 0.007% RDG DC voltage Range Accuracy 50 V IN / 20 V OUT 0.013% RDG 50 V 0.013% RDG 50 V 0.010% RDG 50 V 0.005% RDG Frequency Range Accuracy 20 KHz IN / 10 KHz OUT 0.005% RDG 100 KHz 0.01% RDG Resistance Range Accuracy 4000 ? 0.012% RDG 4000 ? 0.010% RDG 50 K? 0.006% RDG Pressure Range Accuracy   Relative pressure: 30 bar / Absolute pressure: 1,000 bar 0.05% RDG Compliance to standards       21 CFR Part 11       NADCAP Heat treatment AMS 2750 Additional functions Advanced data exploitation: Scaling, relative measurement, simulation of ramps and steps, synthetizer, square root, statistical functions Transmitter function Additional functions   Switch test Calibration of transmitters Additional functions       Comparison calibration HART: Digital calibration and data transfer Calibration of thermistors Software   DATACAL calibration software for configuration and data management Memory   10,000 data stored and recalled on screen as curve or list