Aoip OM 21 Programmable Benchtop Micro-Ohmmeter

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OM 21 benchtop micro-ohmmeter is used for 4-wire measurement of very low resistance values up to 20 k? with an accuracy of 0.03% RDG and a 0.1 µ? resolution. The reliability and accuracy of the measurements is improved by a low temperature coefficient of 10 ppm/°C, automatic removal of EMF parasites before each measurement, metal temperature compensation and compensation of ambient temperature.With three current waveforms available -continuous, pulse or AC current- from 100 µA to 10 A and high flexibility of trigger and sampling conditions, OM 21 low resistance ohmmeter covers a wide range of applications: Cable resistance and resistivity measurement, inductive resistance measurement (motors and transformers winding resistance), contact resistance measurement (connectors, switches, relays…), test of low power electrical components (fuses…) and heat sensitive devices, metallisation / earth bonding and ground continuity measurement.OM 21 is fully programmed by the user, either directly through the instrument interface or through LOG OM data management software delivered in option: choice of measuring current, resistance range, measuring unit, metal under test, alarms, triggering conditions, storage of measurement…Up to 1,000 samples can be stored inside the instrument and be recalled directly on the display or on computer via LOG OM.Powered from mains or from rechargeable batteries, the electronic calibration of the instrument is performed without any internal adjustment.For use on test benches, you might want to consider OM 22 micro-ohmmeter instead of OM 21. It has the exact same specifications of OM 21 but is more adapted to repetitive measurement tasks. While OM 21 can be either manually or automatically operated and is fully programmable by the user through the instrument interface, OM 22 has 6 set configurations inside to be selected by the user. More information over OM 22 here.