Gestra LRR1-50 SENSÖR Image

Gestra LRR1-50 SENSÖR

Product Name: Gestra LRR1-50 SENSÖR
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: LRR1-50 SENSÖR
Tags: Gestra Gestra LRR1-50 SENSÖR LRR1-50 Gestra SENSÖR SENSÖR LRR1-50 SENSÖR Gestra LRR1-50
Conductivity Controller LRR 1-50

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Description The conductivity controller LRR 1-50, LRR 1-51 in conjunction with conductivity electrodes LRG 1.-.. and conductivity transmitter LRGT 1.-.. is used as conductivity controller and limit switch, for instance in steam boilers, (pressurized) hotwater installations as well as condensate and feedwater tanks. The conductivity controller indicates when the MAX conductivity limit is reached and opens or closes a continuous blowdown valve. The conductivity controller LRR 1-50, LRR 1-51 can be used together with conductivity electrodes and transmitters in the following equipment combinations: Conductivity controller LRR 1-50 together with conductivity electrodes LRG 12-2, LRG 16-4, LRG 16-9, LRG 17-1 and LRG 19-1; Conductivity controller LRR 1-51 together with conductivity transmitters LRGT 16-1, LRGT 16-2 and LRGT 17-1.