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Gestra NRGT26-1S

Product Name: Gestra NRGT26-1S
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: NRGT26-1S
Tags: Gestra NRGT26-1S Gestra NRGT26-1S
Level Monitoring NRGT 26-1S

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Description The level transmitter NRGT 26-1 / NRGT 26-1 S is a compacttype system consisting of a level measuring electrode and a level transmitter integrated in the terminal box. The level transmitters NRGT 26-1 and NRGT 26-1S are used for continuous level monitoring in steam boilers and (pressurized) hot-water installations or in condensate and feedwater tanks. In conjunction with the level switch NRS 2-.. and the level controller NRR 2-.. the transmitter can be used as water level controller with MIN/MAX alarm. The level transmitter can be used in combination with the following level switches and controllers: NRS 2-50, NRS 2-51, NRR 2-50, NRR 2-51, NRR 2-52 and NRR 2-53. Function The level transmitter works according to the capacitance measurement principle and translates the level changes into a level-dependent current signal of 4-20 mA, with the length of the electrode rod determining the measuring range. The level transmitter is installed inside steam boilers, vessels or in an external level pot. If the equipment is installed inside the boiler or vessel, a protection tube provided on side ensures correct functioning. The level transmitter can be installed together with one GESTRA level electrode for water level limiting or for highlevel alarm in a single protection tube or an external level pot. The level transmitter can be used in electrically conductive and non-conductive fluids.