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Gestra LRGT16-2 #3773146

Product Name: Gestra LRGT16-2 #3773146
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: LRGT16-2 #3773146
Tags: Gestra #3773146 LRGT16-2 LRGT16-2 #3773146 Gestra LRGT16-2 Gestra LRGT16-2 #3773146 Gestra #3773146
Conductivity Monitoring LRGT16-2

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Description The compact-design conductivity transmitter LRGT 16-1, LRGT 16-2, LRGT 17-1 consists of a conductivity electrode, a temperature sensor for detecting the fluid temperature and a conductivity transmitter unit incorporated in the terminal box. The conductivity transmitters LRGT 16-1 and LRGT 17-1 work according to the conductometric measuring method using two measuring electrodes and the conductivity transmitter LRGT 16-2 works according to the conductometric measuring method using four measuring electrodes. The equipment measures the electrical conductivity of electrically conductive fluids (TDS = Total Dissolved Solids content) and provides a 4-20 mA measuring current as a function of the detected conductivity value. Conductivity transmitters are used in combination with the following equipment as conductivity limiters and continuous blowdown controllers in steam boilers: Conductivity controller LRR 1-51, LRR 1-53 and industrial controller KS 90-1. Conductivity transmitters can also be used as conductivity monitoring equipment in condensate and feedwater systems. The conductivity transmitters LRGT 16-1, LRGT 17-1 are mainly used in steam boilers with low TDS content, e.g. steam regenerators, high-pressure boilers or condensate tanks. The conductivity transmitter LRGT 16-1 is also approved for feedwater monitoring on ships. The conductivity transmitter LRGT 16-2 is mainly used in industrial boiler plants operating with pressures up to PN 40 and max. admissible conductivities acc. to TRD/EN of 6000 ?S/cm