HEIDENHAIN LIC 411 FS Exposed Linear Encoder

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ScaleLIC 4009Measuring standardCoefficient of linear expansionSteel scale tape with absolute and incremental METALLUR track?therm  10 · 10–6 K–1Accuracy grade*Baseline error±3 µm1), ±15 µm2)? ±0.750 µm/50 mm (typical)Measuring length (ML)* in mm 70 120 170 220 270 320 370 420 520 620 720 820920 3) 1020 3) 1220 3) 1420 3) 1620 3) 1820 3)Mass Scale tape Screw31 g/m< 1 gProtection 4)IP00Scanning head5)LIC 411InterfaceEnDat 2.2Ordering designationEnDat22Measuring step*0.01 µm (10 nm)0.005 µm (5 nm)0.001 µm (1 nm)Calculation time tcalClock frequency? 5 µs? 16 MHzFunctional safetyfor applications with up to SIL 2 as per EN 61508 (further basis for testing: EN 61800-5-2) Category 3, PL "d "as per EN ISO 13849-1:2015PFH? 20 · 10–9 (up to 6000 m above sea level)Safe position6)Encoder: ±550 µm (safety-relevant measuring step: SM = 220 µm);mechanical coupling: fault exclusions for the loosening of the scanning head and scale tape (see Functional safety)Traversing speed7)? 600 m/minInterpolation error±20 nmVibration 55 Hz to 2000 HzShock 11 ms? 200 m/s2 (EN 60068-2-6)? 200 m/s2 (EN 60068-2-27)Operating temperature–10 °C to 70 °CRelative air humidity? 93 % (at 40 °C/4d as per EN 60068-2-78); without condensationProtection EN 605294)IP67Mass Scanning head Connecting cable Connector? 18 g (without cable)20 g/mM12 coupling: 15 g; D-sub connector: 32 g* Please select when ordering1) Up to a measuring length of 1020 mm2) ±5 µm after linear length-error compensation in the subsequent electronics3) Additional measuring length only on steel mounting surface4) In the application, the device must be protected from contamination by solids and liquids. If necessary, use a suitable enclosure with a gasket and sealing air.5) For the electrical connection, look under LIC 411 without functional safety6) Further tolerances may apply in the subsequent electronics after position value comparison (contact the manufacturer of the subsequent electronics)7) See General electrical information in the Interfaces of HEIDENHAIN Encoders brochure