Ringfeder GWE Z5106.1 Elastomer Jaw Coupling

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Self-aligning coupling with clamping hubs in split hub design for large shaft spacingsAs for the GWE Z5104.1 this balancing coupling RINGFEDER® GWE Z5106.1 is also used to bridge large shaft separations. The clamping hubs in a half shell structure mean that the known bene?ts are supplemented by the advantage of single radial assembly on the previously aligned shafts. It comprises two RINGFEDER® GWE 5106, connected by an aluminium precision intermediate pipe. The shaft tolerance should lie within the ?t tolerance of ‘g6’ to ‘h7’.Characteristics Backlash-free Elastomer Jaw CouplingsRINGFEDER® GWE Backlash-free RINGFEDER® GWE jaw couplings are used in engineering where high positioning precision requires vibration damping in greatly accelerated processes and the use of plug-in coupling solutions is preferred. Advantages Backlash-free, through pre-stressing Pluggable Vibration damping Torques from 0,5 – 650 Nm Compensation of radial, axial and angular misalignment Electrically isolating Applications Encoder Precision drives Feed drives Grinding and milling spindles Machine tools Packing machines Robotics Transfer lines Multi-spindle heads Wood processing equipment Textile machinery Conveying equipment Linear motion Measuring equipment and control technology Test rigs Technical description Every hub on the RINGFEDER® GWE jaw coupling has concave jaws on its face. The function of the coupling to transmit torque and damp impact that occurs, as well as balancing out unavoidable mis- alignments, is enabled through the joining of two hubs and the ?lling of the created free space with an elastic sprocket. The GWE jaw couplings are backlash-free in order to also achieve a high level of positioning precision in reverse operation. The coupling is backlash-free as a result of the pressure pre-tensioning of the individual buffers in the elastomer sprocket. The different Shore hardness levels, which correlate to the torsional stiffness, mean that it is possible to optimise the entire drive line from the point of view of rotary oscillation. Detailed information is included in the technical data for the sprockets. Characteristics GWE Z5106.1 Low mass through aluminium hubs and precision intermediate tube Optimisation of the vibration damping through different elastomer spider hardness levels As standard with red elastomer spider. Up to size 55 in 98 Shore A and from size 65 in 95 Shore A Shaft separation of up to 3000 mm can be bridged Puncture-proof and electrically insulating Coupling hubs optionally with keyways in accordance with DIN 6885-1