Ringfeder TNR 2428.2 Torsional Highflex Coupling

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Double-row torsional highflex RINGFEDER® TNR 2428.2 for shaft-shaft connection. In mind of X1 easy replacement of the elastic buffers without axial movement of the coupled machines.Characteristics RINGFEDER® TNR The RINGFEDER® TNR coupling has specifically been designed and optimized for use primarily in internal combustion engines. In such applications, dynamic disturbances are caused by periodic excitation and utilization of a large speed range. It is therefore necessary to shift unavoidable resonances by deliberately adjusting the stiffness.The new RINGFEDER® TNR – a compact, plug-in configuration, optionally available as puncture-proof or not fail-safe design, and dynamically adjustable over a wide temperature range. Key data: Dynamic stiffness: elastic to highly elastic transmission capability Torque [Nm]: 144 to 9600 Speed [rpm]: 1200 to 4750 Temperature range: -50°C to +230°C Every drive line has its characteristic torsional vibration behaviour and the newly developed coupling RINGFEDER® TNR ensures optimum tuning of the dynamic stiffness to suit any application. Properties/Benefits Purposeful adjustment of the dynamic properties by varying the elastomeric bufferst Not fail safe, but can be made puncture-proof by simple modification Very compact design allows installation in confined spaces Easy replacement of wear parts without having to remove the hubs or flanges On account of the modular construction system, even custom solutions can be realized at low cost Cost-neutral adaptation of the stiffness, also for individual projects.