Ringfeder GWB EKN Metal Bellows Coupling

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The 'EKN miniatur' is a backlash-free metal bellows coupling which boasts a very compact shape. The miniature coupling is connected to the shaft by means of radial set screws instead of a clamping hub. The element can be used in many different areas and displays all its advantages when misalignments between driver and driven components have to be compensated.Characteristics Backlash-free transmission of torque High torsional stiffness, precision of transmission of rotational angle Different torsional stiffness Compact design, low moment of inertia Metal bellows made of stainless steel Simple and safe assembly Compensation of radial, axial and angular misalignment Free of wear, maintenance-free, no downtimes Not sensitive to temperatures between -30°C and +100°C Nominal torques between 0,1 – 5000 Nm Advantages 100% inspection and traceability through individual marking Higher torques at same dimensions Compact design Extended bore ranges Customer-specific solutions Higher safety in application, e.g. no wrong screw tightening torques Backlash-free Metal Bellows Couplings are used in the sector of mechanical engineering, where a torque or a rotary motion has to be transmitted from shaft to shaft in highest accuracy of angle. Pumps with axial and vertical drives High dynamic portal drives Spindle lifting units Linear units Packaging machines Machine tools Special machines Series EKN Miniature metal bellows coupling with radial set screws Characteristics Metal bellows made of stainless steel, hubs made of aluminum The shaft tolerance should be within the fit tolerance “g6” or “h7” The contact surfaces have to be free from oil and grease Optional designs with keyway DIN 6885-1