BUCHER LRV-1 Electronic Card

BUCHER  LRV-1   Electronic Card Image

BUCHER LRV-1 Electronic Card

Product Name: BUCHER LRV-1 Electronic Card
Product Code: LRV-1
Electronic Card

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dvantagesEnergy saving up to 60 % Travel characteristics independent of load and temperature (viscosity) with wide range of operating temperatureHighest travel comfort up to 1 m/s120 travels per hour without coolingLow energy consumption (no cooler needed)Savings in machine-room ventilationLower oil temperature resulting in less wear and tear of hydraulic partsShorter and unvarying travel timesUp to 10 dBA noise reduction in the machine roomAvailable versionsVF-LRV 350 and VF-LRV 700All versions including: digital electronic card VF-DELCON, power supply VF-NTA-2, frequency invertor (VVVF), power unit with oil-submersed motor/pump unitTechnical data  SpecificationFlow range[l/min]150 - 1000Working Pressure[bar]70Viscosity range[cSt]20 - 500