BUCHER QXM32-010N Gear Motor

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DescriptionThe QXM drive unit can be used in open- and closed-loop hydrostatic drives, and can operate both as a pump and as a motor.The QXM works as a pump to lift the load and it can recover energy when the load is being lowered.Used as a bi-directional pump / motor (four-quadrant operation), the unit can control the complete motion cycle of a cylinder.AdvantagesUp to 70% energy savingUp to 20 dB (A) quieterSaving valve technologyOperating pressure up to 400 barOpen and closed circle operationUse with variable-speed drives2 and 4 quadrant operation possibleTechnical DataTypeOperating pressure (continuous) up tobarOperating pressure (intermittend) up tobarDisplacementcm³/revSpeed max. pumprpmSpeed max. motorrpmQXM22502805,1 - 15,940004600QXM325028010,0 - 32,132004250QXM425028020,3 - 64,529003900QXM521025039,1 - 126,725003500QXM625028079,8 - 248,422503600QXM8250280161,9 - 495,416003400ApplicationsInjection molding machinesHydraulic pressesFlight simulatorsWind-power plantsLift/elevator drivesWinchesMarine industry