ESN DCW120 DC/DC Converter

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DC/DC converter DC 750V/ 24V or 28VThe type DCW50 is a high voltage DC/DC converter. The DCW50 working with input voltages from a DC 600V or 750V traction current system. Technical Data   Dimensions W/H/D 125/103/102 mm Casing Polycarbonate with GF, black Mounting top hat rail in acc. with DIN EN   50022 Protective system Casing: IP 40; terminals IP: 10 Ambient temp. -20° C to + 50° C Connections 2 plugs 3 X 2.5 mm² solid in acc. with   DIN 46288 or 3 x 1.5 mm² with   sleeve,   1 plug 4 X 2.5 mm² solid in acc. with   DIN 46288 or 3 x 1.5 mm² with   sleeve, Supply terminals terminal +; terminal - Output terminals terminal + , terminal -   overtemperature  switch Input voltage DC 750 V -30% to +40%;   max. 55 W,   Output voltage   DC 24V, max. 2A,   Output voltage is switched on time   delayed (about 2s) Overtemperature contact closed if temperature switch exceeds 85°C   Contact ass.   AC 250 V / 4 A cos phi > 0.7   DC 120 V / 1 A resistive load Indicator 1 green LED for converter working Ordering Informa tion Type Part No. DCW50-24 DCW50-28 770220 770221