ESN Type 8532/8533 Cable Monitoring Device

ESN Type 8532/8533  Cable Monitoring Device Image

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The cable monitoring device is suitable for monitoring cable systems for supplying the traction current to direct current railways and O-buses with rated voltages of up to 750 V (other voltages on request). Material Housing: ABS / terminals: polycar-   bonate Fastening 2 screws M4 or M5, or standard   support rail DIN EN 50022 Ambient temp. 20°C to +60°C Auxiliary voltage DC 24 – 60 V (via internal switching-   mode power supply) Power consumption approx. 5 W (incl. display) Fuses 0.5 A medium-slow acting (external) Traction voltage Positive potential at contact line Un DC 500-900 V ? 8532 --   Negative potential at contact line   ? 8533 -- Power consumption approx. 1 W Fuse approx. 35 mA medium-slow acting   (external) Shield voltage approx. 40 V (at DC 750 V) Switching points adjustable insulation defects Conductor-shield 350 – 1500 k (I) Shield-earth 10 – 400 k (E) Switching on delay auxiliary voltage approx. 10 s traction voltage approx. 2 s Response delay „I“ internal fault approx. 2 s, „E“ earth fault approx. 15 s Test buttons separate for „I“ internal fault and „E“ earth fault Outputs 1 potential-free closing contact each   operation = idle current operation   earth fault = working current   mode   2 separate potential-free closing   contacts   internal fault = working current   mode Switching AC 11 as per VDE 660 T2 Voltage max. DC 120 V / AC 250 V Current max. 5 A at AC 230 V Power max. 120 W / 1250 VA Version without shield interruption monito- ring ? 853- 00   with shield interruption monitoring   (as “I“ internal fault) 853- 10   with shield interruption monitoring   (as “E“ earth fault) 853- 20 Displays (integrated) by means of LEDs „operation“ 0 yellow, „I and E fault“ = red