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Product Name: Gestra VKP41PLUSEX
Brand: Gestra
Product Code: VKP41PLUSEX
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Traptest VKP 41plus Ex

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A sure-fire way to clear test results thanks to simple handling and self-explanatory menu navigationWith the GESTRA TRAPtest VKP 41plus Ex testing, recording and evaluation system, steam traps of all makes can be checked for loss of steam and banking-up of condensate - including in potentially explosive atmospheres. The associated TRAPtest software enables simple and extensive analysis of test results and a clear presentation of potential savings.KEY DATAChoice of quick check or normal checkAutomatic and objective evaluation of steam trap performanceno special knowledge requiredIntuitive operation via touchscreenGraphic presentation of readingsIntegrated temperature measurement to detect banked-up condensateEasy to use reports with calculation of steam loss and CO2 emissionsLarge choice of languages, can be individually extended and adaptedInterface with MS Excel® and other file formatsDegree of protection IP 68 (data collector)Intrinsically safe to Ex II 2G Ex ib IIC T4 GbMONITORING PAYS OFFCost of steam generation:30 euros/tonOperating hours:8,000 hours/yearLoss of steam per steam trap:3 kg/hour Faulty steam trapsLoss per year1720 EUR => 3.8t CO2107.200 EUR => 38.4t CO25036.000 EUR => 192t CO2200144.000 EUR => 768t CO2