Stauff SUS-P-050-B08F-105-125-O Suction Strainer

Stauff SUS-P-050-B08F-105-125-O  Suction Strainer Image

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STAUFF Suction Strainers SUSDesigned as in-tank suction strainer elements for direct installation into suction lines of pumps; should always be installed below the minimum fluid level of the reservoirFeatures? Available with female BSP thread (ISO 228)  or female NPT thread (ANSI B1.20.1)Materials? Threaded end cap made of glass-fibre reinforced  Polyamide (PA) or Aluminium? Lower end cap and support tube made of Steel, zinc-plated? Standard filter material is Stainless Steel Mesh (125??m);  alternative micron ratings of 60??m and 250??m on requestConsult STAUFF for alternative materials.Media Compatibility? Suitable for use with Mineral and Petroleum based      hydraulic fluids (HL and HLP)Technical Data? Operating temperature range:  -20?°C ... +100?°C / -4?°F ... +212?°FOptions? Integrated bypass valve with an opening pressure  of  0,2?bar (3?PSI) to reduce the risks of high-pressure  drops that can be caused by contaminated strainer  elements or high-viscosity fluidsSpecial sizes, designs, materials and configurationsare available on request. Consult STAUFF for details.