Varec FMR50 Radar Tank Gauge

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SpecificationsMaximum Measured Error Standard Range Digital: ± 2 mm (0.08?) plus ±0.02 % of analog value Extended Range Digital: ± 3 mm (0.12?) plus ±0.02 % of analog value Power Consumption 0.9 W to 1.3 W Current Consumption HART: 3.6 to 22 mA PROFIBUS PA: max. 14 mA FOUNDATION Fieldbus: max. 14 mA Weight 2.7 – 3.4 kg (6 – 7.5 lb) plus weight of flange Enclosure IP66, NEMA4X IP68, NEMA6P (24 h at 1.83 m under water surface) (IP20, NEMA 1 with open housing) Housing GT19: plastic Housing GT20: aluminium, seawater repellent, powder coated Antenna IP 68 (NEMA 6P) Conduit Entries Cable gland: M20x1,5 (for EEx d: cable entry) Cable entry: G ½ or ½ NPT PROFIBUS PA M12 plug Fieldbus Foundation M12 or 7/8? plug Ambient Temperature Unit: -40 °F and +176 °F (-40 °C and +80 °C) Display: -4 °F and +158 °F (-20 °C and +70 °C) Operating Frequency K-band 26 GHz, Up to 8 devices can be installed in the same tank Dielectric Constants – er 1.9 in free-field applications – er 1.4 in stilling wellOptionsApprovals & Certifications FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx, NEPSi, and TIIS Antenna & Seals 1½”, 3?, or 4? (40 mm, 80 mm or 100 mm) Encapsulated PVDF or PP cladded horn antennas Process Connections 1½” thread Optional mounting bracket with slip-on (DN80, DN100 or DN150) flange Output Options HART, PROFIBUS, and Foundation Fieldbus Gland Entry Metric, NPT, G Languages Over 20 national languages available