NSD VS-5F-1 VARICAM Cam Switch Output Controller

NSD VS-5F-1 VARICAM  Cam Switch Output Controller Image

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Model codingVS-5F[1][2]-[3][1]No. of programs×No. of switch outputs , and othersCodeOutput codeBlank1 program×24 switchesD8 programs×24 switches, current position BCD output.X16 programs×40 switches or 32 programs×24 switches, current position BCD output.[2]Output systemCodeOutput systemBlankSink type[3]Power supply voltageCodeSpecification124VDCABSOCODER Basic Configuration SpecificationGeneral specificationItemSpecificationConverter modelVS-5F-1VS-5FD-1VS-5FX-1Power supply voltage24VDCPermissible powervoltage range21.6 ? 30VDCPower consumption10W or lessInsulation resistance20M? or more between external AC power terminals and ground(by 500 VDC insulation resistance tester)Withstand voltage500 VAC, 60Hz for 1 minutebetween external DC power terminals and groundVibration resistance20m/s2 10 ? 500Hz, 10cycles of 5 minutes in 3 directions,conforms to JIS C 0040 standardAmbient operatingtemperature0 ? +55? (No freezing)(Surrounding air temperature rating of 55? maximum)Ambient operatinghumidity20 ? 90 %RH (No condensation)Ambient operatingenvironmentFree from corrosive gases and excessive dustAmbient storagetemperature-10 ? +70?GroundingMust be securely grounded (ground resistance of 100 ohm or less)ConstructionInside control panelMountingSelect from two-screw mounting/DIN rail installation/on-panel mounting using panel mounting fixture VS-K-F.Outside dimension (mm)130(W)×81(H)×99(D)MassApprox. 0.7kgPerformance SpecificationItemSpecificationConverter modelVS-5F-1VS-5FD-1VS-5FX-1Applicable sensorVRE-P028,VRE-P062Min. setting units0.5°Number of programs (Panel display)18(0 ? 7)16(0 ? 15)32(0 ? 31)Number of switch outputs24244024Number of multi-dogs10 times for each switch output (0 ? 9)Position data sampling time(permissible speed)0.176ms (900 r/min When ON / OFF range is 1 degree)Switch output setting methodNumerical setting from the panel or teachingSetting value memoryNon-volatile memories (FRAM)Error detectionSensor power error, Sensor error , Memory error , No setting error , Setting impossible error , System errorAuxiliary functionsProtected switch???Setting changeduring operation???Current position value(BCD, gray code(720-division))-??Binary speed output-Selectable between current position output and speed outputSelectable between current position output and speed outputTiming pulse output???Motion detection switchSelectable between timing pulse and speed detection outputSelectable between timing pulse and speed detection outputSelectable between timing pulse and speed detection outputSwitch output enable???Hysteresis???Exterminal origin set--?Arbitrary pulse output???Current position HOLD-??Error cancel???Password???Communication functionSerial (RS-232C) communication (setting value saving or loading, monitoring, operation commands)Connection by Mitsubishi-only protocol/MELSEC-A protocolConnection with angle display unit (NDP) is also possibleConnection by OMRON-only protocolConnection with touch panel is possible (VARIMONI)Connection ofan external display unitI/O connection-??Communicationconnection???Max. sensorcable lengthStandard100mRobotic(RBT)100mI/O spcificationItemVS-5F-1VS-5FD-1VS-5FX-1DescriptionInputsignalsProgram No.-3 points4/5 pointsInputs the exteral program No.Current position HOLD-1 point-Used to prevent the current position value from changing when controller reading occurs.Current position HOLD orexternal origin set--1 pointInput to prevent current position from changing or for origin setting.Error cancel1 point1 point1 pointInput to cancel an error display.Switch output enable1 point1 point1 pointSwitch signal will be output only upon the input of this signal.OutputsignalsSwitch output /Arbitrary pulse output24 points24 points40/24 pointsON/OFF signal will be output based on the switch setting value, or pulse signalwill be output based on equally dividing a single rotation (division selectable from 1 ? 360).Timing pulse /Motion detection switch1 point2 points1 point60, 180 or 360 pulse signals will be output per rotation, or ON/OFF signal will be output based on the speed setting value.System ready1 point1 point1 pointOutputs when controller and sensor are functioning normally.Program No.-3 points4/5 pointsThe currently selected Program No. is output.Current position value(BCD, gray code(720-division)) /Speed Binary output-11 points11 pointsCurrent position (3-digit BCD + 0.5-deg display) signal will be output, or rotational speed will be output in binary code.Latch pulse-1 point1 pointOutputs a timing signal which ensures that the current position is read in a stable condition.ItemInput specificationsItemOutput SpecificationsInput signalsProgram No.External origin setCurrent position HOLDError cancelSwitch output enableOutput signalsSwitch output or arbitrary pulseProgram No. Sysytem readyMotion detection switch or timing pulseCurrent position value (BCD, gray code (720-division)) or speed (binary)latch pulseInput circuitDC input, photo-coupler isolationOutput circuitTransistor (open-collector), photo-coupler isolationInput logicNegative logicOutput logicNegative logicNegative logicPositive logic*1Rated input voltage24VDC