CMO Serie E Knife Gate Valve

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Product description Unidirectional knife gate valve with wafer design. With round input and square output. Body made up of two screwed?down halves, with slides to provide smooth operation. Provides high flow rates with low pressure drop. Various seal and packing materials available. Utilization The knife gate valve is suitable for working in very difficult conditions  with  fluids  which  contain  a  large  amount  of solids. It is very suitable for paper recycling pulp facilities and, in general, sites which work with hard particles such as metal pieces (staples, clips, etc) and stones. It is best placed horizontally. The output (square) is larger than the input (round), thus avoiding the accumulation of solids  in the  valve and preventing any  interference when shutting the gate. Sizes DN50  a  DN1200 (Larger sizes to order) Working pressures DN50 to DN450  7 kg/cm2 DN500 to DN1200  4 kg/cm2 Directives • Pressure Equipment Directive: (PED) ART 4.3 /CAT.1. • Potential Explosive Atmospheres Directive: (ATEX) CAT.3 ZONA 2 y 22 GD.