CMO Serie U Knife Gate Valve

CMO Serie U  Knife Gate Valve Image

CMO Serie U Knife Gate Valve

Product Name: CMO Serie U Knife Gate Valve
Brand: CMO
Product Code: Serie U
Knife Gate Valve

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Product description Wafer style, unidirectional knife gate valve. Cast body, composed by two bolted parts, with inside sliding guides to provide a smooth operation. High flow rates with low pressure drops. Several seat and packing materials available. Face to face dimension according CMO standard. Utilization This knife gate valve is appropriate for liquids with a solids concentration of maximum 6%. Pulp and Paper. Mining. Effluent handling plants. Food and beverage. Bulk conveying. Sewage applications. Chemical plants. Sizes From DN50 up to DN800 (Larger sizes on request) Working pressures From DN 50 to DN 125: 10 (kg/cm2) DN 150: 8 (kg/cm2) DN 200: 7 (kg/cm2) From DN 250 to DN 300: 5 (kg/cm2) From DN 350 to DN 400: 4 (kg/cm2) From DN 450 to DN 600: 3 (kg/cm2) From DN 700 to DN 800: 2 (kg/cm2) Directives • Pressure Equipment Directive: (PED) ART 4.3 /CAT.1. • Potential Explosive Atmospheres Directive: (ATEX) CAT.3 ZONA 2 y 22 GD.